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A culture of slow travel, on foot or by bike

Ease into our slow journeys across the Trentino region

Put your boots on and get out in the country … but keep it slow. Make it a meditative stroll spread over long days with stop-offs for contemplation, a journey for the soul as well as the body. Meet fellow wayfarers, sleep in alternative accommodation, and greet the day with the rising sun. It’s a gentle way of getting around, a concept of travel to savour in the slow lane. On foot or by bike, on ancient ways and paths to explore fresh sights far from the madding crowd. Here are the historic and cultural journeys through Trentino.


The Way of Peace

The Way of Peace rediscovers places and memories from World War I. It’s a very long route indeed, weaving mostly along former military roads, trenches and fortifications, and it takes nearly a month to walk its full length from Tonale Pass to the Marmolada. It’s a good idea to choose different stages at different times of year.


Ledro Alps Trek

A treasure trove of historic and natural wonders awaits amid the nature reserves in the Ledro Alps. This circular walk starts and ends in Storo; open all year round, it can be inadvisable in winter snow, so do check the weather before setting out.


Dürer’s Way

Dürer’s Way leads from Klösterle hospice in San Floriano to the rare geological spectacle known as the Segonzano Pyramids. In centuries past, lacking flood defences and overflowing with water from the River Noce, the Adige burst its banks so often that travellers were forced to find alternative routes to Verona or Venice to avoid the quagmire underfoot.


The Claudia Augusta Way

Linking three countries, this route follows the ancient Claudia Augusta Way built by Roman soldiers in 15 bc for the campaign to conquer what is now Austrian and German territory. The path forks in Trento: one half goes to Altino in Venice province; the other, to Ostiglia near Mantova.


The Romea Germanica Way

Another trek through a trio of nations – Germany, Austria and Italy – the Romea Germanica Way can take you from Trento to Rome. The earliest testimony to this ancient way dates back to the 13th century, described by Abbot Albert after his pilgrimage to the Eternal City.

Published on 30/04/2021