Dolomiti Supersummer

Reach the peaks and trails in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on foot or by cableway

If you love the mountains, you know it: walking at high altitude offers a whirlwind of emotions, deep sensations and indelible memories in every season.

And in autumn? In this season everything shines, even the Dolomites. Silences, colours and scents are more intense than ever, the air is crispier, and it is often necessary to carry a jacket, gloves and a nice warm hat in your backpack. And all around there is tranquility. In autumn the mountains are less crowded, and if you walk at high altitude, you only hear the silence and the sound of your breath. The sun shines in a different way - it pampers you and accompanies you along the trail without disturbing.

Val di Fassa | © Foto Thomas Grüner

Dolomiti Supersummer, even in autumn

In the Eastern Trentino area, thanks to the Dolomiti Supersummer circuit, you can comfortably reach the highest altitudes by cableway and follow a dense network of trails suitable for all needs. Between Val di Fassa, Val di Fiemme, San Martino di Castrozza and Passo Rolle there are many outdoor activities for you, even in autumn: from trekking to climbing, from easy walks with a stroller to adrenaline-pumping descents in the saddle of your mountain bike.

Dolomiti Supersummer - Wisthaler

Explore the Dolomites

Did you think that the Dolomites, the world’s largest and most famous ski destination, are extraordinary only in winter? Thanks to the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy, many mountain lovers choose the high altitudes for their active holidays in all seasons! Whether it is a quiet trek or a peak to conquer, each mountain area offers challenges that are worth tackling. From the Dolomiti Supersummer trails and peaks you can admire a marvel made of rocks and landscapes that are unique in the world.


And if you love cycling...

… there is the Dolomiti Bike Galaxy! Bike lovers are welcomed by a whole universe of trails, descents, enduro tracks and bike parks that offer endless possibilities for beginners and professionals alike. And to comfortably reach the high altitudes, there are cableways open even in autumn, all accessible with a single ticket, the Supersummer Card.


120 cableway systems, 15 districts, 2 fun galaxies, all with just 1 card. This autumn, hike at high altitude with Dolomiti Supersummer!

Val di Fiemme | © Foto Alice Russolo

Dolomiti Supersummer

Published on 06/06/2023