Fishing in Val Rendena and in the Giudicarie valley

How to obtain a law required fishing tourist licence

Tourist fishing licence - Valli Giudicarie

Trentino’s top fishing spots are located in the northern part of Sarca and Chiese’s rivers. Nature and breath-taking views of untouched mountains will surround you while playing your favourite sport.


If you do not possess a valid fishing licence, released by your region of residence, or if you are an international tourist, you must get a Fishing Tourist Licence in Trentino. Such permit is a Trentino valid only and it lasts 30 consecutive days. Fishing Tourist Licence fully substitutes Government Fishing Licence.

You can get a fishing tourist licence for free at:

Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti Alto Sarca Email:
Via Damiano Chiesa, 3 38079 - Tione di Trento - Tel 0465.321051

Online at, here you can also buy a fishing permit

Fishing permit and licence’s vendors in Alto Sarca area

Fishing permit and licence’s vendors in Valle del Chiese area


Fishing permits’costs change accordingly to the days and areas of use.

An example: a 1-day-only fishing permit for Alto Sarca area costs 20€, and 16€ for Valle del Chiese.


You can buy the fishing permit at Trentino Fishing Lodges too. Booking in one of Alto Garda’s lodges you can get a permit discount.
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