Trekking of Wellness Vitanova

Leave the spa behind - and feel the benefit of the great outdoors

Wellness trekking - Vitanova Hotels
Wellness trekking - Vitanova Hotels

A ground-breaking new treatment has brought the concept of wellness out into the open

Forget the massage table. These days, for many people, the most soothing place to be is outside - beneath a big sky, in the midst of an unspoilt and majestic landscape. The Trekking of Wellness programme from the Vita Nova hotel group embraces this idea, and makes full use of nature’s therapeutic powers.

It’s a simple concept. Take a snow-shoe walk, or a cross-country skiing trip, or even a dog-sledding adventure, and amplify the sense of wellbeing it produces. Guests are accompanied by a wellness coach and, en route, they’ll be introduced to a whole range of experiences, from breathing exercises, meditation and self-massaging, to walking barefoot in the snow. It’s a chance to escape the hustle and hassle of modern life, and its noise fade to the silence of a snow-drenched forest. In such a place, the foundations of a really healthy life can be laid.

This is the aim of “Trekking of Wellness” – a summer programme run by the Vita Nova hotel group, which has now been extended to winter holidays. Each hotel adapts the concept to the landscapes around it, but all embrace the same “five steps in natural wellness”: observation, touch, taste, listening and feeling. That may sound a bit airy-fairy. But just imagine being somewhere as beautiful as the Dolomites, in a forest that’s stood for centuries, listening to the deep quiet of winter. It’s an experience that’s all but guaranteed to dissolve your 21st century stress.