Spa and Thermal centers

Where the stress runs off you like water

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Turn the phone off, leave your worries in the locker, and relax – courtesy of Trentino’s spas and swimming pools

Whether you’re aching for a full-body massage – or you just want to have a splash in the pool with your children, a spa and swimming pool complex will make a big difference to your winter holiday. In Trentino, we have four – the brand new QC Terme Dolomiti in Pozza di Fassa, Dolaondes in Canazei, Aquain in Andalo, and Garda Thermae, in Linfano, close the northern shore of Lake Garda.

This December you should try the new spa complex, that together with Dolaondes in Canazei and the Dolomia Thermal baths, turns Val di Fassa into the place to go when you are in need of relaxation. The new QC Terme Dolomiti offers more than four thousand square meters spread on three floors: pools, Jacuzzi, kneipp treatments, dramatic waterfalls, Japanese and vapour baths but also a sauna, a salt-room, massages and a relaxation area. Ideal for couples and adults (no kids under 14 are admitted), in the late afternoon you can even enjoy a special kind of Aperitivo, “aperiterme”.

Elsewhere, the range of activities on offer is also dazzling. At Dolandes in Canazei, for example, a 100m water slide will send your kids whizzing through a light and sound show as they hurtle towards the pool. At Garda Thermae they’ve rethought the sauna experience to create a chic and ultra-modern sanctuary, where light accentuates the mood, and a cold fog, flavoured with mint, is one of several ways to cool off afterwards. Meanwhile, at Aquain, both men and women can check into the beauty centre for delicious facial massages and treatments.

These are not the only places to seek the restorative powers of water. In winter, two of our medical spas, the Centro Termale di Pejo, and Fonte S. Antonio di Caderzone in the Val Rendena, offer beauty treatments and wellness facilities for holidaymakers – who can try everything from salt caves, and ice showers to saunas and Roman baths. And don’t forget that several of our luxury hotels have their own magnificent pools and spas, which are open to the public (for a fee). 



Swimming Pools & Wellness in Canazei

Garda Thermae - piscina

Garda Thermae

Wellness and relax by the Lake

AcquaIn Andalo

AcquaIn Andalo

Wellness & Swimmingpools at Acquain

QC Terme Dolomiti - Piscine scoperta

QC Terme Dolomiti

Regenerate yourself in a mountain wellness centre