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Going on holiday is child’s play

Nothing matches the excitement of children setting out on a holiday! Finally: a chance for freedom, to make discoveries, have adventures, play new games and spend lots of time with mum and dad. It all sounds wonderful, of course… but there are also a lot of other factors to consider, particularly when your children are very young.

There’s the whole kit of baby things you’ve got to bring with you, for starters, which isn’t exactly travelling light. Then there’s the fear of bothering other guests if your little ones become upset. And let’s not forget that this is supposed to be a holiday for mum and dad too, who deserve a little relaxation, at least so they can recharge their batteries before returning to work.

Luckily, here in Trentino we’ve got “My Family Hotel”!

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My Family Hotel

Imagine facilities set in Trentino’s most beautiful places, from the lakes to the mountains, established specifically to cater to the needs of families on holiday and with everything in place to satisfy guests both big and little.

This is the idea behind My Family Hotel: a world where everything is tailored to guests with children, with no awkwardness and no empty hours to fill.

Hotels which display this sign not only have family-friendly rooms and staff who are ready and willing to meet the needs of families, but have also prepared lots of activities to let you discover the nature, sights and produce of Trentino, so that you can have an original and unforgettable holiday.

It might sound too good to be true, but it’s the real deal!

Now, enjoying a holiday is child’s play.

Family-friendly hotels in Trentino

Leave the rest to us

In Trentino, everything is at your fingertips. All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy it. At our Family Hotels, rooms come with cots, changing tables, safety rails for beds, bottle warmers, sterilisers, tubs for bath time and child-sized seats, when it comes to dinner time you’ll find menus suited to kids’ tastes.

Play time is another highlight, with creative areas and libraries for kids, plus strollers, mini backpacks and sledges available for outdoor adventures. And there’s no shortage of options for adventure parks, farm trips and trekking.

And when it’s time for mum and dad to relax? Enjoy swimming pools, spas and wellness centres… knowing all the while that your little ones are in good hands.



My Family Hotel

Via Degasperi, 77 - 38123 Trento

+39 0461 923666

Spring and Easter holidays with children

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Published on 06/03/2024