The scent of a holiday in a chalet

The warmth of wood to regenerate at a slow pace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city


Rooms that smell of wood, sloping roofs, and woods and mountains outside the window: you are in a chalet in Trentino, in the heart of the Alps, and a new day has begun. As you open the wooden shutters and breathe in the crisp morning air, you can smell a homemade cake waiting for you for breakfast, along with yogurt, jams, a large glass of apple juice and a cup of coffee.

A gentle awakening, before leaving for a nice walk in the woods. On your return, you will find the warmth of the chalet and a tasty dinner, while outside the windows the sky is filled with stars.

Trentino chalet in inverno

What is the difference between a hut (baita) and a chalet?

You have probably heard of both huts and chalets: both have a wooden structure, sloping roofs and you can find them in an alpine setting. So, you may be wondering what is the difference between them.

To put it simply: size. While a hut is usually very small, suitable for a single family, the chalet is much larger, and can also include several floors. Usually, a hut has a rustic and less refined furniture, while a chalet has a more refined style, which often includes carved wood decorations, balconies and terraces.

The reason for these differences is to be found in the history and tradition of Trentino. Indeed, huts were temporary homes used in the alpine pasture period (between April and November), and often flanked by a barn or a stable. On the other hand, chalets were real houses, adjacent to vineyards, cultivated fields or orchards, with stable and barn.

So, if you have chosen to stay in a chalet, know that a welcoming, comfortable environment that smells of wood... awaits you.

Sleeping in a mountain chalet

Surrounded by nature

For sure, what huts and chalets have in common here are the magnificent mountains of Trentino, from the peaks of the Dolomites to the Lagorai massif. If you are looking for a holiday in nature, away from the noise of the city, the chalet is the perfect choice.

Our chalets are located in strategic positions: near lakes, a stone’s throw from ski slopes or a short distance from trails to be covered on foot or by MTB. They are the ideal base for an active holiday in contact with nature, to fill up on mountain air and savour the pleasure of living your vacation at a slow pace, with the certainty of having a warm and welcoming home waiting for you when the evening caresses the mountains.

Choose your mountain cabin! 

Choose your mountain cabin! 

Published on 24/10/2023