For Trentino, safety comes first.

In this section, you can learn more about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones.

The scent of a chalet break

Far away from the heat of the city, breathe in the clean air of the mountains

Attention to detail, a cosy atmosphere and furnishings that exude the scent of wood. These are the defining features of Trentino’s mountain chalets. In these little wooden structures you can find yourself slowly reinvigorated, far away from the heat of the city.

Yoghurt, jams, home-made cakes and the aroma of coffee reaching all the way to your bedroom. What could be sweeter than waking up in a chalet? Throw the window open and admire the peaks of the Dolomites as you breathe in the crisp mountain air. You’ll be inspired to pull on your hiking boots and set out for a wonderful walk through the woods, knowing that the warmth of the chalet awaits you on your return. Then, enjoy a delicious dinner as the sky outside the windows fills up with stars.


Chalet nelle Dolomiti

A chalet surrounded by the lush vegetation of a dense wood in Valle del Vanoi, the green heart of Trentino. You can relax on the grass here, enjoying the murmuring of the Vanoi river in total peace, or try out rock-climbing at the nearby cliffs, or even enjoy incredible adventures in the tree house. The village of Canal San Bovo is just a short distance away, and makes the perfect starting point for your walks in nature.


B&B Ai Marchetini

As soon as you walk into B&B Ai Marchetini in Cinte Tesino, you will be entranced by the traditional aromas of this little gem: the scent of hay, wood and resin, mixed with the fragrant aroma of freshly baked panbrioches, strudel and fresh salumi. Sleeping in its themed bedrooms is a magical experience, transporting you instantly to a sweetly scented hayloft or — why not? — to a scene where a knife grinder is tirelessly at work. Close your eyes and let the dream begin!


Chalet Plan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as the owners of the Chalet Plan in Val Rendena are well aware. In fact, you will always find a special selection of local products in the dining room here: it's the Beretta family’s way of welcoming you to the heart of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park. You’ll never get bored here: there’s a cycle path close to the chalet for you to explore by bike, as well as trails in the surrounding mountains where you can hike and see the majestic waterfalls of Val Genova.


Baita Valon

At the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, in Val d’Algone, lies Baita Valon: here, Carlo and Michela are waiting to share the secrets of their land with you, recommending activities for you to enjoy, places to visit and the best routes for your excursions. Theirs is a true mountain home, nestled deep amid the unspoiled greenery in the peace of a truly deep silence. It represents a safe haven for those who want to venture into the revitalising natural biosphere and the natural park of the Adamello-Brenta Dolomites.


Chalet al Mont

When reading fairy tales, how many times have your pictured in your mind an enchanted house in a remote mountain area? You may finally have found it! This small chalet is perfect from all points of view, not least due to its natural setting. Surrounded by pastures in the Val di Non and bathed in sunlight, even without any magic spell, it is just the place to unwind and rediscover the beauty of simple things.


B&B Mas Dei Bati

What makes this B&B such a treasure? A combination of family management, wooden furnishings, and location: deep in the natural tranquillity of Val di Rabbi. Not too far away you can find the famous Saent Falls, in Stelvio National Park. This spectacular waterfall is immersed in the deep green of the conifer forests, accessible by an easy hike. Just one of the many wonders you can admire when you stay here!

Published on 04/05/2021