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The scent of a chalet break

Far away from the heat of the city, breathe in the clean air of the mountains

Autumn 2020 - Attention to detail, a cosy atmosphere and furnishings that exude the scent of wood. These are the defining features of Trentino’s mountain chalets. In these little wooden structures you can find yourself slowly reinvigorated, far away from the heat of the city.

Yoghurt, jams, home-made cakes and the aroma of coffee reaching all the way to your bedroom. What could be sweeter than waking up in a chalet? Throw the window open and admire the peaks of the Dolomites as you breathe in the crisp mountain air. You’ll be inspired to pull on your hiking boots and set out for a wonderful walk through the woods, knowing that the warmth of the chalet awaits you on your return. Then, enjoy a delicious dinner as the sky outside the windows fills up with stars.


Chalet Giasenei

Have you ever taken a swim in a biolake? This is a completely natural swimming pool, purified thanks to plant activity. You can try it at Chalet Giasenei, which is nestled in greenery with a spectacular view of the Pale di San Martino. A true immersion in nature and well-being, thanks also to the private spa offering hay baths, saunas, and hydro massages.


B&B Fior

Armando is an architect and Erika a conservator: together, they are the owners of B&B Fior, where they will welcome you into their home in one of the most beautiful mountain settings of Val di Fassa. A modern B&B set elegantly in its surroundings, using such sophisticated materials as steel, stone, glass and fragrant pine wood.


Villaggio Val Molini

A lovely setting boasting a perfect combination of natural elements: the woods, Lake Ledro not far away, a meticulously cut meadow encompassing 7 delightful chalets structured like small mountain huts and with a lovely fragrant scent of wood.  Villaggio Val Molini, which also offers apartments in the restored cottages, is the perfect place for a peaceful holiday, where you can fill up your lungs with fresh air and the new spa area will help you loosen up every muscle.


Baita Maso Stella

There could not be a more suitable name for this wonderful maso (mountain farmstead) nestled in the mountains, almost touching the sky. In autumn, when the Milky Way is well visible and bright, the constellations can be seen very clearly. The names of two most famous constellations, the Ursa Major and the Ursa Minor, have been given to the independent luxury suites, enclosed in a rustic framework, in keeping with the original architecture.


Chalet al mont

When reading fairy tales, how many times have your pictured in your mind an enchanted house in a remote mountain area? You may finally have found it! This small chalet is perfect from all points of view, not least due to its natural setting. Surrounded by pastures in the Val di Non and bathed in sunlight, even without any magic spell, it is just the place to unwind and rediscover the beauty of simple things.


Casa al Campo

Much more than simply somewhere you can spend your holiday, Casa del Campo is a truly treasured place, where you can breathe the history of the Tisi family that enthusiastically grows and uses the vegetables from its garden in the tasty dishes it serves. Situated in the heart of the Parco Adamello Brenta, near the Dolomites, precisely in the small village of Giustino, it reflects the care of and respect for the environment, also in its well-crafted interior furnishings, which are made with natural materials.

Published on 18/08/2020