Escape for a few days and enjoy life in the slow lane

Discover local traditions, simple pleasures and Trentino’s light-hearted hospitality

If you prefer waking up to birds chirping instead of bustling traffic noise, if you prioritise fresh food plucked from a veggie patch and have a certain propensity to lose track of time while gazing at idyllic rural sceneries, agriturismo is the right place for you. Agriturismi are family run accommodations where you are welcomed not as any guest but more like a new friend. A holiday in a agriturismo is all about simple pleasures like home cooked food, farm life moments and a laid-back atmosphere. It also gives you back time and the chance to immerse yourself in nature and local traditions, try different types of food and learn how to cook it.

Be inspired by our round-up on agriturismi in Trentino and choose the right one for you.


Agritur "La Val"

Within easy driving distance from Trento at the foot of the Vigolana, the family run agritur La Val offers a warm welcome and a genuine homely atmosphere. The natural surroundings provide a peaceful escape, sometimes interrupted by the braying of Gina the family donkey. Get involved with farm activities: pick your own vegetables and fruit and enjoy a fresh meal.


Agritur "Anselmi"

In the heart of Val di Sole overlooking the peaks of Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, agritur Anselmi combines contemporary design with the warmth of a guesthouse. Take a regenerative walk through the surrounding apple orchards and feel right at home as you taste locally made products, simple and delicious like the traditions that inspired their recipes.


Agriturismo "L’isola di Arturo"

Bounded by the green and serene vineyards of Valle dell’Adige, L’Isola di Arturo occupies a converted barn offering all the comforts and yet maintaining a connection with rural life: farm animals are a cheerful company in the gardens where you can find the perfect spot to relax. Indoor, a wood cladded traditional room called stube invites you to indulge in hearty homemade breakfasts.


Maso "Pertener"

Set amid the green pastures at the foot of Parco Adamello Brenta, Maso Pertener accurately narrates the simplicity of rural life providing the ideal retreat to discover local traditions and the joys of life in the slow lane. With certified organic produce growing on the estate, guests can enjoy daily the freshest food.


Agriturismo "La Polentera"

Located in the woods around Storo in Valle del Chiese, agriturismo La Polentera is a beautifully restored farmhouse and truly a chance to get away from it all. A walk through the ancient orchards and vineyards offer an opportunity to be immersed in authentic rural life. A must-do for your list: a taste of the local polenta made with flour milled on the family farm.

Published on 16/10/2019