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Sounds of the Dolomites

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If you have thought of enriching your holiday in Trentino by participating in one or more of the mountain music festival events, or if the Sounds of the Dolomites Festival is the very reason that is bringing you here on holiday, then you may find this particular piece of information interesting.

If you have a Guest Card, you can take part - free of charge - in the guided excursions in the company of Trentino Alpine Mountain Guides, who will take you up the mountains to the location of the concerts during the festival: travelling the trails with a Alpine mountain guide is a bonus, not just because it helps you to confront the mountains safely and at ease, but also because they can help you to discover this land through the slow steps and stories of those who know it like the calloused palms of their own hands.

From the list below, choose the concert, or concerts, you are interested in, and book your participation in the excursion, signing up with your Trentino Guest Card.