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Sustainable blooms in the Monte Baldo Park

Plant endemics are one of the most precious natural treasures of the area

Everyone knows that the most precious treasures hidden in the Monte Baldo Nature Park are the flowers. Many indigenous species, which have sought refuge on these islands of rock, make this area of Trentino the “Garden of Italy”.

Perched high up above Lake Garda, and overlooking the Adige Valley, the “Parco Naturale Locale del Monte Baldo” is a natural balcony. It includes territories belonging to five different municipalities of the Lower Trentino area, and a series of protected areas located at an altitude that ranges from just a few hundred metres above sea level to more than 2000 m.

It can boast snow-capped peaks in winter, beautiful landscapes with extraordinary views of Lake Garda in summer, flowered meadows in spring and colourful beech forests in autumn.

Due to its extraordinary biodiversity, the Monte Baldo Nature Park is a sought-after destination among naturalistic scholars, apothecaries and pharmacists, and has been since 1400. Just think that in 1500 Giovan Battista Olivi defined it as “Hortus Italiae”, Italy’s Garden. In fact, for centuries Baldo has been the ideal location for picking medicinal species, studying their possible applications in the modern pharmacopoeia, and carrying out research in the botanical, geological and natural science fields.

Well aware of this value, many local companies have joined forces in the Associazione Baldensis which contributes to protecting Mother Earth in the Alps, and to spreading the culture of mountain food, in collaboration with the Monte Baldo Nature Park. And it is especially to the flowers and plant life - with the scents and flavours of this territory, that the Associazione Baldensis companies - from whom you can purchase fresh and processed products - dedicate particular attention, with the project entitled “Spezie e aromi” [Spices and aromas].

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