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Fantastic photo opportunities, from dawn till dusk 

Discover 6 postcard perfect places to picture and enjoy this summer

There’s something magical about sunrise and sunset. Time seems to stand still. The silence engulfs you and the light, warm and soft, seems to make its peace with the world. It’s difficult to resist taking a photograph, to immortalise the moment and turn it into something tangible that you can share with others.

In the mountains, dawn and dusk are even more special. Where should you go to get the best shots? Here are a few tips. We’ve picked six places that, when it comes to sheer beauty, come close to perfection. In the early morning and late evening, the twilight brings out the deep blue of the waters of Lago di Cei as it ripples amongst the water lilies. It illuminates the magnificent Brenta Dolomites reflected in the waters of Lago Nero. And at Arte Sella, the diffused light seems to play a game of hide and seek among the unique works of land-art and the surrounding woods.

Untouched beauty on the Brenta Dolomites - Lago Nero

If you want to enjoy a stirring sunset on the Brenta Dolomites, head for the wild Val Nambrone, settle down and wait for twilight. Here you can photograph one of Trentino’s most popular lakes, especially on Instagram.

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An open-air art show – Arte Sella

A natural exhibition of contemporary art hidden away amongst the peace and quiet of the woods. The Arte Sella exposition represents the ideal spot to find your inner harmony and, with your camera in hand, take some unique shots.

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Water lilies and ancient beech trees – Lago di Cei

This enchanting expanse of water, dotted by water lilies, is also home to the rare Blue Iris. Here the myriad shades of colour of the local flowers seems to blend with the vivid feathers of the resident wild ducks. Great photo opportunities.

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From the canyon to a rocky retreat – The Santa Giustina Hermitage

A quick glance at the remains of this religious complex is enough to move you: the stones of the ancient walls seem to blend with the rock of the steep overhanging cliff. The best time for photos is at sunset, when the sun’s rays filter into the canyon.

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A mirror of water in the valle di ledro – Lago d’Ampola

Lago d’Ampola is a biotope and nature reserve, the perfect place for plants, waterfowl, amphibians and reptiles. Here you can stop and relax or take a pleasant stroll along the boardwalk, accompanied by the croaking of frogs.

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The gems of Lagorai – The lakes of Bombasel

Once you reach the pastures of Bombasel, crowned by the peaks of the Lagorai group, you’ll find a large lake surrounded by smaller ponds. A great spot to get some fresh mountain air, take a few photographs or maybe organise a picnic.

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Published on 18.03.2019