And after a nice walk, all in the water

Family-friendly hotels with swimming pool

You know very well that little ones can stay in the water for hours... especially if they have a child-friendly swimming pool available to float, play, splash, jump, get tired and exhausted. And to finally close their eyes, have sweet dreams and rest. And if Mum and Dad are also there to soak with them, you have all you need. The amusement park is a sure deal. And with that, at least half of your vacation!

Add to it the possibility of enjoying water safely, under the watchful eyes of trained life guards so, if Mum and Dad get distracted for a moment, the little ones are always protected.

Hotels with safe swimming pool for the whole family

Hotels with swimming pool

In Trentino there are more and more hotels where everything is designed to meet the needs and desires of families. Many of them have available, in all seasons, heated outdoor or indoor swimming pools with ad hoc spaces for adults and children, who can be there all together.

Do you know a better way to end a beautiful day spent in the mountains? After exploring woods, rocks, waterfalls, walls and trails, take a nice dip in the pool and then enjoy dinner!


Safe swimming pools

In Trentino we know water well. We have lakes at all latitudes, with or without beaches, most of which monitored by life guards. We have thermal waters that turn into heated wellness pools for guests of all ages. And we have hotels entirely dedicated to welcoming families, that have undergone suitable study and training to build water spaces adapted to the needs of young children.

In these spaces, it is possible to play and relax, as well as to enjoy intimacy and harmony, completely worry-free. It is a cure-all for your children who can experience, with you, the embrace of the world’s most natural element, with the certainty of finding it the next day exactly where they left it. Priceless.

If you haven't already thought about it, here is a list of hotels where water is at home.

Hotels with swimming pool

Hotels with swimming pool

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Published on 06/06/2023