From Fiavé to the clear waters of Tenno

A trip in nature and a dip in the lake

You’re at the final stages of the Do-Ga tourist cycling route, which takes you all the way from the Brenta Dolomites to the shores of Lake Garda. We pick up again in Terme di Comano, where the previous stage left you, to tackle the last, not-too-challenging climb. Once you’ve reached Fiavé, why not take a little detour to visit one of the largest peat bogs in Trentino?


The Fiavé peat bog and the prehistoric site

The Fiavé peat bog is all that’s left of a glacial lake from 15,000 years ago. It has been filled up over the course of millennia, first with moraine and then with peat deposits — plant remains — to create what we see today: a shallow pool of water, rich with vegetation.

The area you are visiting has immense natural value, so leave your bike behind for now and travel its trails in silence. The natural reserve protects 160 plant species and over 100 animal species; indeed, it is not uncommon to catch fascinating sightings of migratory birds in spring and autumn.

Fiavé is also important due to the discovery of a prehistoric pile-dwelling site dating back to the Bronze Age, which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Artefacts were preserved in the bog thanks to the specific chemical composition of its water, which is completely without oxygen. Since June 2021, some of the huts on piles that once made up the ancient village have been reconstructed in the area around the archaeological park, giving you yet another reason to make a stop here.

The DoGa cycling route: from Fiavé to Lake Tenno

On the shores of Lake Tenno and in the village of Canale

It’s time now to return to your bike and tackle the Ballino Pass, the last one on the Do-Ga, before the final leg of your journey to Riva del Garda. With the pass behind you, there’s time to relax at one of Trentino’s most beautiful swimmer-friendly lakes: Lake Tenno.

As you descend towards the lake, you will notice a change: you’re no longer surrounded by mountain air, but a more Mediterranean atmosphere. The plant life is different here too; it’s no longer exclusively Alpine vegetation, and it’s not unusual to spot broom shrubs, for example.

Lake Tenno is a turquoise gem, just a stone’s throw from Lake Garda. Its waters are suitable for swimming, offering the ideal way to recover from all the days you’ve spent cycling to get here. The temperature of the water is a little warmer than the other Alpine lakes, making it the ideal place for a lovely refreshing dip after all your efforts.


Canale di Tenno, lake Garda

It’s worth taking a stroll along the shores of the lake as well as a swim in its waters, and then close by there’s the charming ancient village of Canale di Tenno. Its jumble of alleyways, underpasses, terraces and vaults make it a paradise for artists.

Before you descend into the hustle and bustle of Riva del Garda, Canale offers a chance to reflect in silence, breathing in the atmosphere of creativity generated by artists intent on producing their masterpieces.

Discover the full DoGa route

Discover the full DoGa route

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Published on 06/06/2023