Alex Katz. La Vita Dolce

At the Rovereto MART the master of contemporary painting

SUMMER 2022 - After the exhibition on Canova, and simultaneously with the one on Fortunato Depero, the MART in Rovereto welcomes another major exhibition: Alex Katz. La Vita Dolce, a large monographic dedicated to the master of contemporary painting: US artist Alex Katz.

From 15 May to 18 September 2022 in Rovereto, about fifty large and very large works from important Italian and Swiss private collections, created by the artist between the 1990s and today.

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The Alex Katz exhibition

The itinerary of the exhibition “Alex Katz. La Vita Dolce” at the Rovereto MART showcases the artist’s maturity season, through a selected corpus of about fifty large paintings made since the Nineties.

The exhibition will also include two videos, one of which never released before: an extract from the TV film by director Ranuccio Sodi. The exhibition is completed by a few sketches and a drawing.

The exhibition focuses on the relationships the American painter had with Italy and some of his most prestigious collectors, proposing in a single path the artist’s fragmented presences over the years.

In Italy, the MART exhibition comes more than twenty years after another exhibition organised in 1998 by Vittoria Coen, then director of the Galleria Civica (City Art Gallery) of Trento, one of the current locations of the MART.

Exhibition at the MART: Alex Katz. La Vita Dolce

Who is Alex Katz

Born in New York in 1927, Alex Katz is considered one of the masters of contemporary painting. Famous for his pure and essential paintings, the American artist has also experimented with other artistic forms, such as drawing, sculpture and printing.

Often associated with the Pop Art movement, Katz reworks the elements of mass culture, American society, television, cinema and advertising.

At the same time, he appropriates minimalist principles, stripping them of ideological harshness, and focusing on the more exquisitely formal characteristics that define collective taste, lifestyle and, ultimately, the relationship with what surrounds us.

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Alex Katz. La Vita Dolce


CREDIT FOTO (dall'alto)
Alex Katz, "Libby", 1991, olio su tela, Mart, Deposito Collezione Privata, © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022
Alex Katz, Dark brown hat, 2002, Collezione Ferrari Galassi © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022
Alex Katz, Kirsten in chair, 2006, olio su tavola, Collezione privata, Modena © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022
Alex Katz, After hours, 1993, olio su tela, Collezione Mastrotto © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022
Alex Katz, Song, 2004, olio su tela, Collezione privata, Modena, Courtesy Alex Katz Studio © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022
Alex Katz, Grey bow, 1989, olio su tela, Collezione privata, Modena, Courtesy Alex Katz Studio © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022  
Alex Katz, Yvonne, 2015, olio su lino, Collezione privata © Alex Katz, by SIAE 2022

Published on 06/06/2023