Things to do in the mountains in winter when the weather is bad

If the weather is not on your side, or if you simply want to take a break from the ski slopes, here are some ideas for having fun with the kids in Trentino

It’s not just about skiing. Winter in Trentino offers a range of experiences, immersed in nature, for you and your children. All you need to do is move a few kilometres away, maybe taking advantage of the efficient public transport system, to find yourself in a whole new magical world.

Here your children can play and run about unhindered amongst pieces of artwork, of wood and stone, that can be found in the forest or take part in mysterious treasure hunts in charming castles. Or maybe go ice-skating in a the natural setting of the majestic alpine peaks. The family-friendly activities offered are numerous and are valid alternatives to skiing. Seeing is believing.

A treat for young walkers, Comano Terme

Along with your children you can explore the “Sentieri dei Piccoli Camminatori” (Paths for Little Walkers), specially planned nature walks to be enjoyed on foot. You can download the itinerary and the accompanying fairy tale and then off you go on a journey between legend and reality.

Aeneas Wilder - senza titolo 169 - ph Giacomo Bianchi - copyright Arte Sella | © Aeneas Wilder - senza titolo 169 - ph Giacomo Bianchi - copyright Arte Sella

Arte Sella

This magical woodland is home to a series of artworks created with natural elements such as stone and wood. It’s an open-air museum, that takes on an enchanting quality in the winter months, in which both adults and children will rediscover the thrill of discovering, amongst the trees and meadows, spectacular works of natural art.


Stroller friendly trails

There are a vast amount of trails suited to families with children and strollers that offer nonetheless the opportunity to soak in all the sights and sounds of the territory. Here are some suggestions on stroller-friendly itineraries proposed by some young explorers of the Val di Ledro and which we’ve had the pleasure of trying out ourselves.


Family visits to Castel Valer, Val di Non

Admire the fine details of this castle and its halls, find the details and put them back in the correct order. Valer Castle in the Val di Non, opens its doors to families and, on Saturdays, a special guided tour for children and parents alike is organised along with a fantastic treasure hunt for all!  


Maxi Ooh! A sensory experience for the youngest visitors

An experience designed to amaze and involve. A space for those aged 5 and under that lets them discover, understand, observe and have a go for themselves. Starting with what they know best: touching, smelling, looking and listening. Maxi Ooh! lets children expand their experience via their senses in a way that is fresh and original, every single time.


Castel Pietra

The castle of Castel Pietra near Rovereto offers a rich programme for children: guided tours, creative workshops and historical re-enactments that allow all children to live a truly fairy-tale experience.

Archivio_A.p.T_Piné_Cembra_Ice_Rink_Piné_ph_D.Lira_2_mod | © Archivio_A.p.T_Piné_Cembra_Ice_Rink_Piné_ph_D.Lira_2_mod

Ice-skating, what fun!

Another great idea for spending a fun afternoon with your family is ice-skating. In Trentino there are numerous skating rinks, both artificial and natural. The best known ice stadium is the Ice Rink Pinè which offers both an outdoor circuit and a covered area.


A trip to the pool with the family

In Trentino there are a number of aquatic centres with pools for the little ones and wellness centres and spas for parents, allowing you to relax and enjoy various treatments and therapies all day long.

Published on 27/11/2021