The PR&Media area of ​​Trentino Marketing is committed to supporting offline and online national and international media interest in the Trentino region through a series of activities ranging from the support, planning and organization of press trips (both individual and group) to the prompt response to specific press requests and to the supply of editorial material, ideas, contacts and images.


Trentino Marketing is pleased to welcome and support journalists and/or influencers who intend to talk about Trentino as a tourist destination. In partnership with the APTs (Tourist Boards) and local partners, it organizes individual and group press trips, even on a single request. Each itinerary is tailored to the specific needs of the story to be told, trying to highlight the character of Trentino and its peculiarities.

Requirements for participation:

To take part in one of our press trips, you are normally required to have a confirmed assignment by a journalistic editorial office. The article / program must be published / transmitted within 12 months of the visit.

To participate in one of our influencer trips, it is necessary to provide the media kit containing the blog access data gathered from Google analytics and/or the Instagram and Facebook insights.

Press trips are reserved for national and international journalists of print media, radio and television, and for digital influencers with a significant amount of followers on social channels or thematic blogs, as supported by Google analytics data or social media insights.
Please consider that we can only support media covering our target and our main reference markets.


Press trips organized by Trentino Marketing usually provide a maximum of 4 days of activity, with 3 nights. Accommodation, meals and activities are covered as specified in the individual travel program.
As far as transport is concerned, Trentino Marketing takes care of the costs of any flights (mainly by low cost companies) or train trips to and from Trentino, as well as internal transfers. For individual press trips, a rental car will be made available to the journalist (fuel costs and any motorway tolls not included).

We also have the opportunity to connect journalists and influencers with opinion leaders or local personalities for any interviews or insights.

Trentino Marketing cannot accommodate any accompanying parties or other family members during the press trip.

Insurance issues:

For the performance of outdoor activities, appropriate skills and experience are required, in proportion to the type of activity to be performed. We also require that individual participants be covered by a suitable and valid personal accident and third party liability insurance.

Furthermore, each participant is exclusively responsible for all the transfers required to reach the destinations covered by the press travel, and for the stipulation of a suitable insurance coverage for damages to things or people, including theft.

Recommended clothing:

In the event that a travel trip includes outdoor activities, lack of suitable clothing may preclude participation. Here are some suggestions on the “necessary” items to bring along during a press trip in Trentino:

  • for the winter season: warm and comfortable clothes, footwear suitable for the scheduled activities. We normally rent on site all the equipment for skiing or other winter sports;
  • for mountain hikes: trekking shoes, and wind breaker in case of bad weather or wind.


And after the visit to Trentino, please kindly ...

  • include in the article / program the link to the official website of Trentino:, as well as to the websites of local APTs (Tourist Boards) that are partners of the press trip;
  • (for those who are active on social networks) share the story on the various channels, using the hashtag #visittrentino, #trentinowow and on twitter, mentioning @presstrentino or @visittrentino;
  • send us a copy of the article as soon as it is published;
  • provide a report of the various digital posts and related evidences (in the case of influencers).