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In the mid-sixties, when Ezio Alimonta and his father Gilio, both mountain guides, came down from the Brenta and arrived at the foot of the Vedretta degli Sfulmini glacier, they looked at each other and said: a refuge is needed here, so mountaineers can have a roof over their heads as close to the mountains as possible. They chose the right place, in one of the Brenta’s most majestic settings, and a few years later - in 1968 - the refuge was inaugurated, and it is still, after a series of enlargements, run by the family of mountaineers whose name it bears. This refuge is a base for the Via delle Bocchette via ferrata, and is so close to the rocks that it’s easy to dream of being an mountaineer.

Approximate opening period: 20/06 - 20/09. Before leaving for your hike, verify the actual opening of the mountain hut.

Mountain hut, +39 0465 440366 (operating approximately from 20/06 to 20/09)
Home, +39 0465 801500 (operating approximately from 21/09 to 19/06)

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  • Ligging

    • Bergachtige ligging
    • Hoogte boven de zeespiegel (m): 2580
    • Met de auto niet bereikbaar
    • reachable only on foot more than 3 hours
  • Eten & drinken

    • Lunchpakket
    • Menu à la carte
    • Restaurant à la carte
    • Traditionele keuken
    • Vegetarische gerechten
    • breakfast included
  • Betalingswijze

    • Betaling met creditcard mogelijk
    • Contante betaling
  • Voorzieningen

    • Alleen te voet bereikbaar
    • Bar
    • Droogruimte
    • Informatie over de omgeving
    • Restaurant
    • Zonneterras
    • hot shower
  • Vreemde talen

    • Duits
    • Engels
    • Frans
    • Spaans
  • Bedden & kamers

    • Bed / den: 94
    • Eenpersoonskamer/s: 1
    • Meerpersoonskamer: 6
    • Tweepersoonskamer: 2
    • dormitory or bed in dormitory
    • room
  • Voorwaarden

    Note on prices, booking procedure and cancellation policy

    The prices indicated are without tourist tax and do not include any surcharges related to the Covid-19 virus; in this regard, before your visit, we invite you to visit our website for updates on the possible introduction of the tourist tax charged to our category and on any surcharges applied in order to welcome you in the safest way possible in accordance with current regulations (e.g. use of disposable linen).

    Since our mountain hut is private, there are no reductions for members belonging to mountaineering groups (e.g. DAV, ÖAV).

    The booking of an overnight stay at our mountain hut takes place mainly through this online booking platform and it will be considered completed upon payment of the required confirmation deposit. For any cancellation, a message must be sent to the e-mail address If this happens up to 14 days before the date scheduled for the stay, the deposit paid will be fully refunded. If, on the other hand, the cancellation arrives after this deadline, it will be withheld to partially cover the expenses already incurred.

    We would like to inform you that we have introduced this booking system also with the intention of empowering those who book their stop in our mountain hut. In the past, in fact, fixed bookings were often not canceled at all or at the last minute and we were therefore unable to pass on available and required places.

    In case you wish to book close to the date of stay - that is in the 3 previous days - we invite you to contact us by phone at +39 0465 440366: if we have free places, we would gladly assign them to you, in this circumstance without the payment of any deposit. Only a courtesy is required: if you are unable to reach us, please notify us as soon as possible again by phone.

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