The best wine for your seasonal toast: Trentodoc

Add some sparkle to your season with Trentodoc spumante

The prize-winning metodo classico sparkling wine is the toast of Trentino

We’ve been making wine in Trentino since 3000BC. But it was only in the 19th century that we started to produce bottles that fizzed. Now, in 2015 Trentodoc is one of the leading marques of metodo classico sparkling wine in Europe, and its fame is spreading quickly. You’d be nuts not to try at least one glass on your next visit.

It was Giulio Ferrari who started the revolution. An oenologist at the San Michele all’Adige Agrarian Institute, he realized on a visit to Champagne in France in 1903 that growing conditions there were remarkably similar to those in the Alto Adige, back home. So, on his return to Trentino he set to work making his own sparkling wine, using the method champenoise. It’s a laborious process involving secondary fermentation in the bottle, and an endless attention to detail. But it’s worth every ounce of effort. It’s what gives the best sparkling wines their soft but insistent fizz.

But don’t assume you’ll be able to pick it off your supermarket shelves back home. This is not a mass-produced wine like some of its rivals. It’s best to buy your bottles when you’re in Trentino.


Ferrari was right. Trentino is a fabulous place to make spumante – and in recognition of the high standards of the region’s winemakers, and the unusual depth of flavour their wines exhibit, Trento achieved D.O.C status in 1993. It was the first sparkling wine to do so after Champagne. Now 45 sparkling wine producers are members of the Istituto Trento Doc, which promotes the collective trademark