6 Top ski-touring routes

Leave the ski resorts behind and discover a secret world of white

The best way to explore Trentino’s mountain landscapes is on a pair touring skis

You’ll find details of many Trentino ski touring routes available online, complete with maps and GPS waypoints. Here are six of the best: each one serving up a satisfying climb in a stunning landscape, as well as good skiing on the return journey. Please check current snow conditions and the latest weather forecasts before you attempt them.

Cima Serodoli

Another classic ski-mountaineering route near Madonna di Campiglio, which extends along one of the most beautiful areas in the vicinity, with spectacular views of the Brenta Dolomites, which can be admired in all their splendour from north to south. A well-beaten route with a long and enjoyable downhill climb, which can be tackled in one go. 


Piz Galin

Piz Galin is the most classic and popular ski-mountaineering trail on the Paganella plateau. You can easily understand why: it is a sunny panoramic tour with extraordinary views of the Brenta Dolomites and the Paganella plateau, with an exciting descent route. The route is of intermediate difficulty but it is extremely satisfying.


Cima Bureloni

This is an impressive ski mountaineering route in a stunning Dolomite environment, exciting from all points of view. The ascent, tough and with some steep, albeit short, sections, leads up to the Cima dei Bureloni peak via Passo delle Farangole. Like the Canalino del Travignolo route, it is one of the “must do” itineraries in the Pale di San Martino Group.


Cima Lobbia Alta

A beautiful 2-day itinerary on the glacier, climbing up to Cima Lobbia and to other classic features in the area. The proximity to Refugio Caduti dell'Adamello (mountain refuge) allows you to take a pause along the route and makes it less demanding overall, since it takes about 30 minutes to get to the summit from the mountain refuge. 


Cimon di Busa Grana

Long and energy-demanding itinerary in a wild setting but with grandiose panoramic views. After crossing Valle del Forame it overcomes the overhangs that lead to Lake Forame (2269 m a.s.l.) and then ascends on steeper ground up to the western saddle of Busa Grana. From there a thin ridge allows to reach the peak.


Cima Bocche 

This is the classic route from the upper Valle del Travignolo. Long and varied, it initially follows a mule track, and then goes along open slopes that are never too steep. The trail leads to scenic Cima Bocche, a coveted, panoramic destination for ski-mountaineers. The trail is often well-beaten.