Bosentino-scorcio-storico-Mauro-Zorer | © Bosentino-scorcio-storico-Mauro-Zorer


The traditional charm of a relaxing holiday    

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Brocon Pass

A mountain plateau and a pass for family-friendly skiing and snowboarding

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Roses and history, Carzano - where vacation is nature

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A balcony with a view of two ample lakes in the Valsugana    

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Caldonazzo: water sports on the lake, entertainment and peaceful surroundings  

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© Foto Archivio Apt


A protected natural environment awaiting respectful discovery  

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Straddled between Trentino and the Veneto, Grigno abounds in woods and meadows    

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Chiesetta Vetriolo Terme | © Foto di Angela Ventin Archivio Apt


An healthy oasis at the foot of the Lagoari Range  

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Vigolo Vattaro

Themed walks, flavour of alpine summer pastures and scent of history  

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Pergine Valsugana

Pergine Valsugana, between tradition and modernity  

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Novaledo, 18th century churches and an age-old garrison    

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Vattaro-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli | © Vattaro-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli


High altitudes and an ideal climate, nestled between Lake Caldonazzo and the Doss del Bue  

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Palù del Fersina

Age-old mining traditions amongst the Mòcheni and spectacular Lake Erdèmolo  

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Lago della Bigonda Ospedaletto | © Foto Archivio Apt


Ospedaletto: surrounded by its beautiful pine woods

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Villa Agnedo

A vacation in Valsugana: synonymous with nature and well-being. Villa Agnedo, where memories of ancient trades are cherished.

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S. Orsola Terme

The perfect altitude for your heart and for wild berries

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