Excursion through Latemar

Trekking delle Dolomiti Latemar
Latemar vista tra il Rif Passo Feudo e il Rif Torre di Pisa
Latemar il Rifugio Torre di Pisa


Predazzo – Gardonè cableway and then Gardonè – Passo Feudo chair lift (both open from mid June to mid September). From Passo Feudo (2,175 m a.s.l.) take trail No. 516 to Rifugio Torre di Pisa (2,671 m a.s.l.) – 2 hours. Overnight stay (20 beds) Tel. 0462-501564

After leaving behind the mountain hut, we proceed on trail No. 516 and after a few minutes we can admire to our left the so-called Torre di Pisa, a tilted rock 20 metres tall that reminds of the famous tower of Pisa. Trail No. 516 leads to Forcella dei Camosci (2,590 m a.s.l.) and then to Forcella dei Campanili (2,684 m a.s.l.) – 1 ½ hours – from where we can admire a wonderful panoramic view of the Catinaccio Range.

At this point we can choose one of 3 options:

  • proceed along the trail to Passo Costalunga
  • reach Passo Costalunga using a ferrata and the trail
  • reach the village of Forno along the wild Valsorda

First option
From Forcella dei Campanili we walk to the Rigatti bivouac (2,620 m a.s.l.) along trail No. 18 – 1 hour – and then, always on trail No. 18, we ascend up to Cima Poppe (2,791 m a.s.l.), the highest point of the excursion. From there we take up trail No. 18 again in the direction of Piccola Forcella Latemar (2,526 m a.s.l.). Then, along trail No. 517B we descend to Baita Vallace (1,977 m a.s.l.) and finally on trail No. 517 we reach Passo Costalunga – 3 hours.

Second option

From Forcella dei Campanili we take the Ferrata Campanili del Latemar (marked as No. 511) up to the Rigatti bivouac (2,620 m a.s.l.) – 1 ½ hours – then we continue as indicated in the first option.

Third option
From Forcella dei Campanili take trail No. 516B to the Latemar A. Sieff bivouac (2,365 m a.s.l.) – 1 hour. From there we descend 1,200 m to the village of Forno, trekking through the wilderness of the Valsorda on trail No. 516 – 3 hours.