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The mystery of the Alpenglow

“Enrosadira” (Alpenglow), a word that has the charm of a magic formula

When we are faced with certain spectacles, a rational response sometimes just isn’t enough, so that legend lends a hand. When the beautiful wife of King Laurin was kidnapped, the King in desperation turned his rose garden into rock, so that nobody could admire it any longer, neither by day nor by night. But between day and night we have sunrise and sunset. And so it is that, since then, with the rising and going down of the sun, the stones take on the colour of roses. It’s the “Enrosadira”, a word that derives from the Ladin term for "becoming pink." A natural phenomenon typical of the unique walls of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage site, that, composed of a double carbonate – calcium and magnesium - reflect the vivid colours of sunset and sunrise, gradually turning reddish and little by little, purple.