Caldonazzo: water sports on the lake, entertainment and peaceful...


Discovering Frassilongo, on the trace of the Mocheni...

Vetriolo Terme | © Foto Archivio Apt


An healthy oasis at the foot of the Lagoari Range  

Castello Tesino | © Panorama foto di Flavio Faganello

Castello Tesino

Wide stretches of woodland surround Castello Tesino, making it the...

Laghi di Caldonazzo e Levico - Panorama da Tenna | © Laghi di Caldonazzo e Levico - Panorama da Tenna - photo storytravelers


A balcony with a view of two ample lakes in the...

Palù del Fersina

Age-old mining traditions amongst the Mòcheni and spectacular...

Chiesa Castelnuovo | © Foto Archivio Apt


At the foot of Monte Civerone, where a castle used to be    

Valsugana - Val Campelle - Sci alpinismo


An 18th Century centre devoted to handcraft featuring striking...

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