Museo Casa Degasperi | © Foto Archivio Apt

Pieve del Tesino

From the plateau to the mountain peak, De Gasperi's...

Vigna a Scurelle | © Foto Archivio Apt


An 18th Century centre devoted to handcraft featuring striking...


Straddled between Trentino and the Veneto, Grigno abounds in woods...

Ronchi Valsugana

Spend a relaxing holiday in a village of traditional Alpine...

Cinte Tesino

Cinte Tesino

Cinte Tesino is a small, charming village where visitors enjoy...


Novaledo, 18th century churches and an age-old garrison    


Roses and history, Carzano - where vacation is nature

Roncegno Terme

Wellness, natural cures and sports in Roncegno  

Bosentino-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli | © Bosentino-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli


The traditional charm of a relaxing holiday    

Telve di Sopra

Hikes to Monte Ciolino and visits to admire the remains of the three...


Relax, honey, chestnuts and delicious apples

Lago della Bigonda Ospedaletto | © Foto Archivio Apt


Ospedaletto: surrounded by its beautiful pine woods

Vigolo-Vattaro-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli | © Vigolo-Vattaro-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli

Vigolo Vattaro

Themed walks, flavour of alpine summer pastures and scent of...

Vattaro-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli | © Vattaro-panoramica-Vigolana-Corrado-Poli


High altitudes and an ideal climate, nestled between Lake Caldonazzo...

Calceranica al Lago

Relax, sports and fun at Calceranica al Lago

Palù del Fersina

Age-old mining traditions amongst the Mòcheni and spectacular...

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