Chiesa Ronchi Valsugana | © Foto Archivio Apt

Ronchi Valsugana

Spend a relaxing holiday in a village of traditional Alpine...

Malga Colo Strigno | © Foto Archivio Apt


The refined architecture in the town-centre is a mirror of its...

Telve di Sopra

Hikes to Monte Ciolino and visits to admire the remains of the three...


Novaledo, 18th century churches and an age-old garrison    

© Foto Archivio Apt


A protected natural environment awaiting respectful discovery  

Vignola Falesina

A tiny village on the doorstep of the Eastern Alps  


A stroll surrounded by meadows, alpine pastures and traditional...

Terme di Vetriolo | © Foto di Angela Ventin Archivio Apt


An healthy oasis at the foot of the Lagoari Range  

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