Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

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Biodiversity high up in the mountains

It is easy to tell special folktales, particularly of the young people who every day experience Trentino with passion, dedicating themselves with commitment to the improvement of its production, starting from a common element: the soil

Some of them have had it in their DNA for generations, like Riccardo Felicetti of the Felicetti pasta factory in Predazzo. Is it a dream or madness to produce spaghetti, macaroni, farfalle and rigatoni in the Dolomites? And yet, they have been doing it since 1908, in an unceasing dialogue with nature. And precisely in the territory they found two ingredients that make the difference and that are the secret to their product’s quality: pure water from mountain streams - Avisio and Travignolo - and clean air.
Agitu Ideo Gudeta, instead, has left Ethiopia to climb these mountains, up in Val di Gresta, in the "organic garden" of Trentino, and organically raise a native breed of goats to transform their milk into tasty goat cheeses.
Long time ago, the gardens perched in the most inaccessible slopes had crops of spelt, rye and buckwheat. Giovanni Pezzini still grows them, then grinds their grains with stone wheels and, with the help of his wife and daughter, turns them into fragrant and crusty homemade bread.