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Artisan beer

Red and white wines, Trentodoc spumante, grappa, extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda

When it comes to the bottled excellence of Trentino, it is easy to think of these classic and winning products. But also artisan beer has come to play an important role by now. It is becoming more and more popular, in fact, to recover the oldest beer tradition, lost after the war and replaced by industrial produces. The pioneer of the rediscovery, with his Beer of Fiemme, is Stefano Gilmozzi, who, always fascinated by the mysteries of transformation and blending of raw materials, has found inspiration in the local history and particularly in the presence of abandoned artisan breweries. Because there were a number of breweries in the area, and with them the recipes for making great beers. Many other manufacturers in Trentino followed in his trail, thanks to a territory that offers malts, yeast, hops and water of the highest quality. The main ones are already twenty as we speak.