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Agitu Idea Gudeta

Farmer - Company: “La Capra Felice” in Val dei Mocheni

© 2015 Daniele Lira
© 2015 Daniele Lira
© 2015 Graziano Panfili

Agitu Idea Gudeta comes from Addis Abeba, and after attending university in Italy (she studied Sociology in Rome and then in Trento), she returned to Ethiopia to work in developing rural areas in her country. In 2010, however, she was forced to flee definitively. Since then, she has chosen the valleys of Trentino as the location of a goat farming and organic cheese production business. Today, she is considered among the leading producers in the province, already awarded by Slowfood. From milking her goats of the “Pezzata Mochena” breed, she makes homemade milk, yoghurt and cheese in different phases of seasoning. She also sees to direct retail, and this is the greatest satisfaction in her life. She left her birthplace because she was guilty of having led a protest, faithful to her social and political commitment in the fight against land grabbing in Ethiopia, but in Trentino and in her goats she has found some of the charm of African pastures, and in her hard work as a goat herd, she has found the joy of living: her company, no surprise, is called “La capra felice” [The happy goat], because “I am happy too!”.

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