Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

Our guide to a peaceful and stress-free stay

Trentino is open and ready to welcome you. 

In our guides you can learn about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones. 


Who is Visittrentino? is the official website of the Trentino Tourist Board and the digital brand of the territory in its digital channels for consumers. When talking to Visittrentino, you are re talking to us.

How can Trentino Marketing help you?

Trentino Marketing is the DMO for the province of Trento. It is mainly involved in marketing and pr actions to make offer meet the demand, both B2C and B2B. At a B2B level, we can help you:

  • If you do not know the territory, to figure out what kind of holiday you can sell to your customers in our valleys;
  • If you want to build a new product, we can put you in contact with the right suppliers, offering you the right products with the top quality that our land can offer. So it is easier for you: do you need a contact or help to create/promote a product here? Just contact us!

What are Trentino target groups?

Trentino is the perfect spot for all kinds of outdoor activities, both in winter and in summer. Its huge landscape diversity (from over 3.000 mt dolomitic heights, to the wonderful beaches of Garda Lake and all the others that are spread in its valleys and mountains) makes Trentino a huge open air gym… with an added Italian flavour. We always to try to collaboarte with operators who deal with nature and open air passionated customers, offering a stay that can vary from very active and techinchal to very relaxing and bon vivant. You can be sure that we will manage to find together the mix that fits you best.

How is Trentino marketed?

We keep relations with our trade partners, and meet new ones, mainly in three ways:

  • Going to markets of interest, by organizing workshops about Trentino products and networking dinners. It is a great pleasure for us to meet up yearly and keep relations with our commercial partners who sell Trentino holiday products all across Europe and other continents.
  • Inviting them in our territory: Good Buy Trentino is a three-days event that can take place once or twice a year at the beginning of summer and winter season. It is a hosted buyers programme granting you access to a top network of suppliers coming from all the areas and the valleys of Trentino, and every time discover a different location of its territory. Scheduling of the event is usually as follows:
    - First day: workshops, business and network development with suppliers from all over Trentino;
    - Second day: educational activites depending on location and season. 
    Would you like to participate to the next Good Buy Trentino edition? Just send us an e-mail:
  • Co-marketing to operator's audience: We evaluate establishing sponsorships and partnerships with operators that can guarantee an agreed annual sales volume towards Trentino. Please contact us for further information.