Segnana Flli Lunelli

Segnana F.lli Lunelli
Segnana F.lli Lunelli

The first bet on the most Italian of all distillates was made by the Lunelli family in 1982 when it bought Segnana, the oldest distillery in Trentino. Today, the Lunelli family relaunch the bet with an ambitious development plan based on a new concept of grappa appreciation by turning it into a modern, smooth distillate with its own distinguishing charm as it is born of the blend of history with innovation, a top level alternative to imported distillates and the expression of Italian elegance abroad. New is the style, stemming from lengthy experimentation, new are the creations that have joined the range, new is the shape of the bottle and the graphics of the labels. What never change are the principles that have become consolidated over the almost 150 years of Segnana history: the strong bond with Trentino, the batch bain-marie distillation method and the focus on sublimating the grape pomaces as soon as possible after grape pressing. The freshness of the grape pomaces, that is an unmistakable sign of quality, is an old habit at Segnana. Its founder, Paolo Segnana, had mounted the alembics on a horse-drawn cart with which he moved from farm to farm in order to distil the pomaces still dripping must. This guarantee of freshness has remained intact thanks to the few metres that separate the distillery from the Cantine Ferrari winery that provides most of the pomace, as well as to the careful monitoring of the entire production chain.

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