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Accademia del Vino Cadelaghet

Accademia del Vino
Accademia del Vino Cadelaghet
Accademia del Vino Cadelaghet

Wine is one of the joys of life. Starting from this conviction, Accademia del Vino Cadelaghet offers a selection of the best wines produced in Trentino. This maison in Civezzano produces robust, well-structured, full-bodied wines, with well-developed aromas that pay homage to tradition.


Trentino Cabernet Sauvignon doc
Trentino Merlot doc
Trentino Pinot Nero doc
Valdadige doc Enantio Terra dei Forti
Trentino Chardonnay doc
Trentino Pinot Grigio doc
Trentino Nosiola doc