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The Baroness of the Fai Castle

The history behind the Fai castle on the Paganella plateau is truly fascinating.

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Andrea Icani, the Shepherd-Philosopher

San Sebastiano, in Alpe Cimbra, is a village that has a small population but many traditions linked to the world of ancient myths. It is here, a few steps from Folgaria, that Andrea Incani, a shepherd of mixed origins - a little from Trentino and a little from Sardinia –despite his young age decided to start his second life.

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Gianna Tavernaro, the farmer poet

“My dream is to live in a matchbox. All I need is a lit fireplace and two wooden chairs: one for me and one for those who come to visit me."

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Manolo, the “Magician” climber

“In the mountains, sometimes to take one step forward you have to take two steps back. It happens that you have to wait a year to move forward by just a few centimeters”, says Maurizio Zanolla, better known as ‘Manolo’ or ‘Il Mago’ (The Magician).

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Spiritual San Romedio Sanctuary

In the heart of Trentino, in the Val di Non valley, there is a place steeped in spirituality: the Sanctuary of San Romedio.

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Gianmaria Stelzer

Luthier / Trento

Gianmaria, purebread Trentino, born in 1986, started to attend the “I Minipolifonici” music school when he was just four years old.


Alessandro Gilmozzi

Chef - “El Molin” restaurant Cavalese in Val di Fiemme

Alessandro Gilmozzi, born in 1965, has been challenging himself in the kitchen every day since 1990, when he opened the doors of his restaurant “El Molin” in Cavalese (TN), with the ambition of managing to express his own philosophy

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Giovanni Tava and Mattia Cristoforetti

Egg hen farmers - Company: “Uova di Montagna” in Val di Gresta

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This philosophic paradox was probably the spark behind the idea to build together what Giovanni and Mattia like to call an “egg boutique”

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