Autumn is all yours

From September in Trentino

Just a few more metres to the mountain hut. The mountain makes be feel alive, and the trail is all mine. The view? Magnificent, with the colours of the leaves that transform the forest into a work of art and the warm light that touches everything. When I arrive, I’ll stop to chat with the host. They will tell me about other trails I can take, since they’ve known this mountain all their life. I’m already eager to get going and explore new roads.

Maybe one of these will take me to the lake, where the water, sun and breeze with grant me a few precious moments of freedom.

And then... then, it’s time to loose myself in the local flavour. I’ll meet a real mountain chef who will explain how the forest has become their pantry. Their dishes will have all the aromas of autumn.

Experiences, stories, people. This is the season to discover a different Trentino, off the beaten path. It’s all yours.

The mountaintop house

Dar Balt. The woods


The windy lake

Laghetto Welsperg - foliage | © Simone Mondino

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