Vela Rock-climbing area

It is possible to practice sports-climbing near Trento in the ...

Outdoor artificial rock-climbing gym ― Campitello di Fassa


Montalbano is the ideal place for rock-climbing in all seasons -...

Terlago rock-climbing area

Last Area

This small but interesting wall is located very close to Mori...

Stava Sports Centre

Tourists can enjoy rock-climbing at the fully fitted, indoor gym of...

Palestra Massone

Palestra Massone  

Passo Finestra rock-climbing area

Palestra Prisa

Corno di Bò

Located 2 km south of Torbole on the road to Malcesine, the Corno di...

Rock climbing wall Prombis

Val Lomasona Nature Gym

Rock-climbing area Sass Pisador di Ossana

Castel Pietra rock-climbing arera

Rock-climbing Gym Montebello ― Cavalese

Paradiso di Vermiglio rock-climbing area

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