Val-di-Ledro-Gorg-d-Abiss-Stefania-Oradini | © Val-di-Ledro-Gorg-d-Abiss-Stefania-Oradini

Cascata del Gorg d'Abiss

A hidden waterfall

Cascate Nardis

Nardis Waterfalls, over 130 metres high surrounded by the mountains...

© Foto Archivio Apt

The Pison Waterfalls

A fascinating waterfall in the gorge of the Val Meledrio

Cascate Val Daone | © Foto Archivio Consorzio Turistico Valle del Chiese

Cascate Val Daone

These icy waterfalls form on countless rivers and torrents when...

Cascata di Valorz

To admire on summer, and to climb in winter

Cascata Ragaiolo

Walking on the suspended rope bridge