Orrido di Ponte Alto

A sublime spectacle just a short walk from Trento

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The Varone Waterfall

A charming place near Lake Garda

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Vallesinella Waterfalls

The most photographed in Trentino

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Cascate Val Daone | © Foto Archivio Consorzio Turistico Valle del Chiese

Cascate Val Daone

These icy waterfalls form on countless rivers and torrents when winter cold turns everything still 

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Cascata di Valorz

To admire on summer, and to climb in winter

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Val-di-Ledro-Gorg-d-Abiss-Stefania-Oradini | © Val-di-Ledro-Gorg-d-Abiss-Stefania-Oradini

Cascata del Gorg d'Abiss

A hidden waterfall

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