Fontanazzo Biotope

The Fontanazzo Biotope, located on a site of over 50 hectares, lies...

Biotopo di Ecken

Biotopo di Ecken

Ecken: the high-standing biotope where an age-old lake used to be.

Marocche di Dro

Marocche di Dro Biotope bears witness to the history of the glaciers.

Malga Laghetto Biotope

The Malga Laghetto Biotope is a wonderful natural gem lying within in...

Riserva Bès Corna Piana

An orchid paradise on Mount Baldo.

Riserva guidata Campobrun

The Campobrun guided nature reserve - a wildlife sanctuary in the...

Laghestel Biotope

An old lake with a residual water mirror

Riserva integrale Tre Cime del Monte Bondone

The Tre Cime del Monte Bondone integral nature reserve is one of the...

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