Riserva integrale Tre Cime del Monte Bondone

The Tre Cime del Monte Bondone integral nature reserve is one of the...

Riserva Naturale della Scanuppia

Riserva naturale della Scanuppia

Scanuppia Nature Reserve in the heart of Prealps and Lessini...

APT Rovereto - Brentonico Inverno | © Ph. Tommaso Prugnola

Riserva Bès Corna Piana

An orchid paradise on Mount Baldo.

Lavini di Marco

The protected area on the slopes of Mount Zugna, Lavini di Marco is...

Marocche di Dro

Marocche di Dro Biotope bears witness to the history of the glaciers.

Malga Laghetto Biotope

The Malga Laghetto Biotope is a wonderful natural gem lying within in...

Biotopo di Ecken

Biotopo di Ecken

Ecken: the high-standing biotope where an age-old lake used to be.


This vast peat bog located at the bottom of the valley is...

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