APT Comano - Torbiera di Fiavé | © APT Comano - Torbiera di Fiavé

Torbiera di Fiavé

Fiavé peat bog is more renowned for its archaeological heritage than for its landscape.

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Oasi Valtrigona - photo Associazione WWF Trentino | © Oasi Valtrigona - photo Associazione WWF Trentino

Oasi di Valtrigona

The Valtrigona wildlife sanctuary is located high up in the mountains, where numerous species of flora and fauna live undisturbed.

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Riserva guidata Campobrun

The Campobrun guided nature reserve - a wildlife sanctuary in the heart of Prealpi and Lessini Mountains.

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Marocche di Dro

Marocche di Dro Biotope bears witness to the history of the glaciers.

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Fontanazzo Biotope

The Fontanazzo Biotope, located on a site of over 50 hectares, lies in the Lower Valsugana valley.

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Lavini di Marco

The protected area on the slopes of Mount Zugna, Lavini di Marco is home to animals and plants of rare beauty.

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Malga Laghetto Biotope

The Malga Laghetto Biotope is a wonderful natural gem lying within in a luxuriant conifer wood.

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Laghestel Biotope

An old lake with a residual water mirror

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