Lake Santa Giustina - The big dam in the valley of canyons

A treasure in the heart of Val di Non

Lake Tovel - Hiking with dogs

Lake Tovel - The legend of the red lake

The jewel of the Brenta Park

Lake Garda, mountain bike itineraries

Lake Garda

A lake that offers a thousand opportunities to have fun rocked by the...

Lago di Idro | © Foto Archivio Consorzio Turistico Valle del Chiese

Lake Idro - A dive into adventure

Discover a place with historical and environmental riches to be...

Lago di Cei

The blue iris or the green cane-thickets, surrounded by the full...

Lago di Calaita

Enjoy hikes and walks surrounded by firs and catch a glimpse of the...

APT Campiglio - Lago San Giuliano - ph. l. Gaudenzio | © APT Campiglio - Lago San Giuliano - ph. l. Gaudenzio

Laghi di S. Giuliano e Garzonè

Walking through blueberry bushes and rhododendrons to the enchanting...

Serraia Lake

Perfect for adults and children, for a day on the plateau in the...

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