Ecomuseo della Valle del Chiese

Ecomuseo della Valle del Chiese
Ecomuseo della Valle del Chiese
Ecomuseo della Valle del Chiese

Situated in the south-westerly strip of Trentino, on the border with Lombardia, the Valle del Chiese is both historically and geographically a strategic frontier area between the German-speaking and Latin worlds, the mountains and the plain and the alpine and industrial economies. It can be considered to be the "Gateway to Trentino".

The ecomuseum, a cultural project started up in 2001 and sponsored by the fourteen municipalities in the valley, acts to promote the Chiese valley and its identity, by enhancing and developing itineraries and symbolic places, making it possible to rediscover its past history and explore the present day landscape and the communities who live there.




Evidence of historic events which have had a profound effect on the area, the Valle del Chiese offers evocative visits to:
- Fort Larino, trenches at Lardaro,
- Fort Corno at Praso
- Austro-Hungarian Monumental Cemetery at Bondo
- San Giovanni Castle at Bondone, Castel Romano at Pieve di Bono and historic dwellings of the Lodron family
- First World War museum in the Valle del Chiese at Bersone
- Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Condino, Church of Santa Giustina at Pieve di Bono and wood itinerary at Praso
- Barite mines at Darzo and hydroelectric systems in the upper Chiese area

Exploring the Chiese valley means understanding its environmental resources, from the valley floor up to the Adamello glacier, along the waters of the River Chiese, with opportunities for:
- walks and cycle trips to mountain dairies and evocative landscapes
- trips along the fields and meadows itinerary and the natural history itinerary of Pracul in the Val Daone
- wood workshops

The products of the valley are offered at events and guided trips to the medicinal herb and bread workshop and the honey workshop.



An area with a strong identity for those who live there, a fascinating journey for those who visit

- Wildlife house at the Adamello Brenta Nature Park in Daone
- Rio Caino ethnographic trail at Cimego
- Casa Museo Marascalchi at Cimego
- "Casa Bonus", small museum of peasant culture at Bondo


Besides the guided visits, the Ecomuseo offers itineraries on a theme, cultural events and initiatives, educational activities and manual workshops.