Ecomuseo del Lagorai

Ecomuseo del Lagorai
Ecomuseo del Lagorai

The old Castellalto area of jurisdiction included the municipalities of Carzano, Telve, Telve di Sopra and Torcegno. It is situated in the lower Valsugana, on the left-hand bank of the River Brenta, between the cone of the Ceggio stream and the right-hand bank of the Maso stream, stretching up to an altitude of two thousand metres in the southern mountains of the Lagorai chain.

The four towns have a common past under the jurisdiction of the Lords of Castellalto in the medieval era. The four communities have always had a close relationship with the Lagorai mountains and their woods and pastures, as these were the basis of the economy and life of the inhabitants.



- COLLE DI SAN PIETRO AT TORCEGNO: panoramic and strategic point with evidence of the past and of recent history: remains of a medieval castle, First World War trenches
- WWF RESERVE AT VALTRIGONA: in the Upper Val Calamento, this was the first WWF nature reserve in the alpine area
- MOUNTAIN DAIRIES active in the Val Calamento in the municipality of Telve, Sette Selle and Casapinello in the municipality of Torcegno, producing butter, ricotta and other cheeses
- LAGORAI NATURE CENTRE in Torcegno, home to the ecomuseum displays
- ‘MUSEO DEGLI USI E TRADIZIONE TELVATE' in Telve the Amici del Museo association has created a museum bringing together peasant tools and implements of times gone by
- ‘MUSEO ETNOGRAFICO DELLA MEMORIA STORICA E CULTURALE' IN TELVE DI SOPRA - TARCISIO TRENTIN COLLECTION, to discover how the inhabitants of Telve di Sopra lived in the past
- CARZANO RIVER PARK, FORMER BAESSA MOUNTAIN DAIRY: exhibition centre on the Manghen road



- NATURE WALKS: chestnut trail, Valtrigona nature reserve trail, G.C. Franco Furlan nature trail at Praelo, 3TBIKE cycle and pedestrian route

- ART AND CULTURE TRAILS: Via Claudia Augusta, religious itinerary, on the trail of Robert Musil, the paintings of Francesco Raffaele Chiletto in Torcegno
- HISTORICAL TRAILS: the battle of Carzano, the castles itinerary, traces of the First World War