Chiese di S. Vigilio e S. Volfango

San Volfango church

Popular tradition has it that the Church of San Volfgango is the oldest sacred building in Moena.

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Chiesa di S. Vigilio

St. Vigil Church and the Franciscan Fathers convent

The biggest Franciscan church of the region Trentino

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Santuario della Madonna di Pinè

The Sanctuary of Madonna di Pinè is the heart of Marian devotion in Trentino.

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Chiesa dell'Inviolata

The Church of the Inviolata is the most important Baroque church in Trentino.

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Rovereto, the city of art and peace

Chiesa di S. Marco - Rovereto

Mozart held his first public Italian concert in the Church of San Marco in Rovereto.

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Chiesa di Santa Giuliana

Halfway between tradition and legend, Santa Giuliana in Vigo di Fassa remains a much beloved place of worship.

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Chiesa di San Lorenzo Tenno | © Foto di Roberto Vuilleumier - Archivio Apt Garda

San Lorenzo Church

The church is situated at the southernmost end of the village of Frapporta

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Church of Bellamonte

In Bellamonte, in the municipality of Predazzo, located on a grassy hillside there is a small church entitled to the “Madonna della Neve”

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