Trentodoc bollicine di montagna: from Lake Garda to the Dolomites

  • 2 days
  • May, June, July, August, September, October
  • Experience food and wine

Discovering Trentodoc to delight the senses, telling the history and excellence of Trentino's metodo classico spumante, in the brut, vintage, reserve and rosé versions. A journey in taste paying a visit to the spumante-making facilities, passing through the gastronomy of this land and the agricultural landscapes most typical of Trentino, from Lake Garda to Valle dei Laghi, from the hills around Trento to Vallagarina, across Piana Rotaliana and Valle di Cembra. With an added touch of culture, between Muse, Mart and the historic "City of the Council".


Land of Trentodoc (Garda Trentino - Valle dei Laghi)


Our immersion in Trentodoc kicks off in the extreme south of Lake Garda, where between the deep blue of a lake crowned by sovereign mountains, we find the first sorted vineyard rows. And we immediately are before a sparkling view!

A landscape made of clear contrasts, but softened by a typically Mediterranean climate, mild and pleasant even during the winter months. Here, among irregular slopes and century-old terraces, we find the lively tradition of the characteristic Extra-virgin olive oil Garda Trentino DOP, a touch of class combined with the 17th century recipe of carne salada (or salted meat), the famous broccoli of Torbole, now a Slow Food-protected product, or the noble trout, a symbol par excellence of clean waters and pristine environment.

Overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the landscape, through the olive grove up to the top of the castle of Arco, we are carried away by the precious Ora, the warm breeze of Lake Garda that blows towards Valle dei Laghi. A fit celebration of our first encounter with the mountain "Metodo Classico", expression of a territory that naturally lends itself to the production of wine, owing to the climate and to the grapes grown: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Menieur. Simply wonderful!


Trentodoc with method (Piana Rotaliana)


The journey continues northward, accompanied on the left by the back slopes of Paganella, far side of the Brenta Dolomites, until we reach Piana Rotaliana. "The most beautiful garden planted with vines of Europe", according to well-known Cesare Battisti. Crossing the vine-growing territory up to the far North, the time has now come to learn about the method of production: only selected grapes, with the addition of yeast and sugar, from the fermentation to the suggestive pupitres, to the daily remuage. What a sparkling touch!

This is the ideal context for a face-to-face encounter with the territory, its people, its traditions and customs. Discover the fascinating via Claudia Augusta, a cycling path between the vineyards of a plain that for millennia has marked the border between the German and the Italian world. To be completed with a visit to the Museum of Traditions and Customs of the people of Trentino, dedicated to the arts, crafts and labours of peasants, dairy farmers and mountain artisans, housed in the picturesque setting of an old Augustinian convent. What a history!


A reserve of Trentodoc (Valle di Cembra)


True to the most classic imagination, we continue our journey climbing up to the highest mountain cellar in Trentino, 700 m a.s.l. We are in Valle di Cembra, where large terraced crops geometrically contour the landscape, alternating with towering red porphyry stone flanks. A precious stone that enriches the soil, giving the vineyards a peculiar flavour and persistence. Typical sparkling taste!

A Valley forged by the relentless passage of time: in the definition of unusual profiles, between towers, crests and the pinnacles of the odd Earth pyramids of Segonzano, as well as in the structuring of its own geology, recounted at the Casa Porfido Museum of Albiano. A component also known for Trentodoc, which from 36 months up (rest on the yeasts) earns the coveted title of reserve. And to venture even farther in the world of wine & food lovers, we cannot miss the opportunity for a local tasting accompanied by traditional cold cuts, tasty dried lucanica sausage or the less familiar carne salmistrada (salted meat) or carne fumada (smoked meat). Simply mouth-watering!


Trendy Trentodoc (Trento and surroundings)


Almost as if to underline its across-the-board and fashionable identity, the tradition of Trentodoc spumante production finds its own landmark precisely along the vineyard hills surrounding the capital city. A precious legacy born of a happy intuition in the early 1900s, continuously evolving thanks to the efforts of passionate farmers who have made it a trendy product, perfect for any occasion. It only takes a few minutes to break completely free of the hectic daily bustle and immerse in a peaceful rural landscape, among the wavy hill profiles and the geometrical patterns traced by a succession of orderly vineyards. What a pleasant, sparkling silence!
We no doubt cannot miss a tour of the City of the Council, both historical and contemporary. From the classic "Giro al Sas" between the period buildings along the pedestrian streets, to the unmistakable views of the Castello del Buonconsiglio and Piazza Duomo, to the innovative Muse, designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano. And as the night falls, an elegant stopover at the 16th-century Palazzo Roccabruna, the provincial winery offering a complete showcase of the numerous labels produced in Trentino. Oh how stylish!

In stages:

- visit to a Trentodoc spumante-making facility on the hills around Trento
- lunch with typical local products
- guided tour of the city of Trento
- visit to the Muse
- aperitif with a selection of Trentodoc spumante at Palazzo Roccabruna
- dinner and overnight stay

Trentodoc spumante-making facilities worth a visit:
Martignano di Trento: Maso Martis
Gardolo di Mezzo di Trento: Moser
Ravina di Trento: Ferrari, Cesarini Sforza

Aldeno: Pasticceria Mosna
Trento: Casa del Caffè, Casa del Cioccolato, Dal Marcante, Enoteca Grado12, Gelateria Fior di Gusto, Le Formiche di Fabio Vettori, Panificio Sosi, Pasticceria Bertelli, Gelateria Peterle, Salumeria Belli
Lasino: Azienda Agricola Dosila
Cavedine: Apicoltura Trentina Valle di Cavedine

Where to eat

Trento: Bar Pasi, Dolcemente Marzari, Muse Cafè, TJ Bar, Ai 3 Garofani Antica Trattoria, Antica Trattoria Due Mori, Duo Ristorante Tapas Bar, Niky's restaurant, Osteria a Le Due Spade, Ristorante Old Bar & Food, Ristorante Al Vò, Ristorante Enologico il Libertino, Scrigno del Duomo, Locanda Margon
Terlago: Osteria Cà dei Giosi

Where to stay:
Trento: Agritur Casteller, Hotel America, Hotel Everest, Hotel Villa Madruzzo
Terlago: Hotel Garnì Lillà


Trentodoc rosé (Vallagarina - Alpe Cimbra - Val di Gresta)


And to finish off in style, the territory of Vallagarina. Here there is plenty of choice, but the proper ending to our narrative path suggests that we head directly to the antique charm of the rosé bubbles, embellished with a special touch of fine Pinot Noir. The area stretches along the course of the Adige down to the southern borders of the region where amidst century-old vineyards, villages and castles from ancient history we sense the strong vocation for wine of this land. An awesome sparkling smell!
Agriculture and culture is the perfect combination to complete our journey. Do not miss a visit to the Mart in Rovereto, the Museum of modern and contemporary art, which offers an overview of the local heritage in alternation to renowned periodical exhibitions, from historical avant-garde movements to contemporary art. A flight up in the sky between the Highlands of Alpe Cimbra, to admire the mountain pastures that produce the famous Vezzena cheese, one of Emperor Franz Joseph's favourites and then descend and climb back up on the opposite side, in Val di Gresta, discovering the valuable production of exclusively organic vegetables. With a new perspective on Lake Garda. What a breathtaking view!