The largest protected area of Trentino: the Adamello Brenta Nature Park

  • 2 days
  • July, August
  • Nature and Parks

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park is located in the western part of Trentino, in one of the most striking and untainted spots of the Dolomites, and includes both the Adamello and Brenta mountain ranges. All of the animals that once populated the Alps still live in the park, such as: deer, roe deer, chamois, eagles, white partridges, black grouse and wood grouse, as well as the brown bear, which is the symbol of the park.
All the activities require advance reservation - contact info:
Mrs. CHIARA SCALFI - (+39) 0465.806633


"The fresh door of Brenta"

A walk through pastures and woods of spruce trees that from the Boch locality leads to Malga Vagliana, at the foot of the fairy-tale world of rock of the Brenta Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage site, to then continue and arrive at the "Fresh door of Brenta", Val Gelada, a favourite destination of skiers and snowshoers in winter, and an oasis of peacefulness and coolness in summer. With a little luck you may spot the marmot, a rodent typical of these environments that here has found the perfect place to dig intricate tunnels, which serve as a resting place at night and where the animal comes to hibernate in the long winter.

Meeting point: 9.30 a.m. in Madonna di Campiglio - Loc. Fortini - Parking space of the Grostè cable-car (to reach the point of departure, take the Grostè cable car, one-way ticket, not included in the participation fee).

Itinerary: Boch - Malga Vagliana - Val Gelada - Malga Mondifrà.

Costs per person: 10 €; 5 € for children up to 12 years.


"Nature and flavours of Val di Fumo"


A nice stroll along the river Chiese, which digs its way winding up the Valley, along which we will see how it is the sensational product of glacial erosion, as well as a geological site of the Adamello Brenta Geopark. Val di Fumo gently makes its way toward the heart of Adamello, in a spectacular Alpine scenery. On the wide valley floor, where the river Chiese impetuously traces its serpentine, a network of well-marked paths retraces the ancient routes travelled by shepherds. From a naturalistic point of view, Val di Fumo is the site of a large oasis of stone pines, which develops on a shrub layer of rhododendrons. There are also several floristic endemisms (of the Primula and Melampyrum genera). The fauna here is represented by the most typical species that inhabit the Park: herds of chamois roam in the higher parts; there are also deer, marmots, hares, the Golden Eagle, as well as trout and char in the waters of the lakes and countless creeks.

Meeting point: 10 a.m. Malga Bissina - Park Info Point.

Costs per person: 7 €; 3.5 € for children up to 12 years. Treat yourself to the "hiker's dish" at the mountain hut Val di Fumo for a special price of Euro 13.00.


"A treasure of the forest"


A walk for families along the new trail which, passing by Maso Pegorar, arrives at the former forestry nursery. Along the route, during the various stages, families will enjoy the thrill of a nature scavenger hunt. At the end of the hunt, together we will form a small treasure.

Meeting point: 3 p.m. Andalo - rock climbing gym of the sports centre.

Itinerary: rock-climbing gym Andalo - Maso Pegorar - former forestry nursery.

Costs per person: 7 €; 3.5 € for children up to 12 years.


"Farm energy: 100% natural"


A pleasant morning in contact with the farm animals of the Park, in the charming landscape of meadows and woods surrounding Villa Santi. We will make our way inside the villa to discover the peculiarities that make it particularly environmentally friendly and to savour fresh and delicious local produce. Nestled in the greenery of an environment very much tied to traditional mountain farming, Villa Santi is the structure that the Adamello Brenta Nature Park has elected to be the place where to divulge an environmentally-oriented culture, the preservation, representation and understanding of the rural culture bound to the traditions of the people of the Alps, the ecological sustainability of agro-silvo-pastoral activity, bio-diversity and the history of the landscape and mountain culture.
Cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens, all belonging to rare breeds coming from Italian parks which, starting in spring all the way to the beginning of autumn, animate the animal farm of Villa Santi. Participants will have the opportunity of getting to know them up close and to understand the deep bond that ties them to the traditional activities of the mountain.

Meeting point: 10.00 a.m. town of Montagne - Villa Santi locality.

Costs per person: 20 € including lunch.


"Walking with bears..."


Guided visit to the Park Visitor Centre "The Bear, King of the Woods" and a walk to the Animal Park where some specimens of brown bear, lynx, wolf, fox and wild cat roam about in near total freedom.
"Walking with bears...", between history, myths and legends, biological and behavioural characteristics, from the Great Bear of the stars to those in flesh and blood. A unique opportunity to learn about "the King of the Woods", to understand the reasons behind its foiled extinction in the central Alps and the reasons for its return, to make the coexistence of men and bears possible.

Meeting point: 9.00 a.m. Spormaggiore - square in front of the Church

Itinerary: Park Visitor Centre "The Bear" - Animal Park

Costs per person:
7 €; 3.5 € for children up to 12 years.