Waiting for Christmas

Every Sunday in december music, entertainment, tea and mulled vine at the townhall square

Every Sunday of Advent will be even more special in the mountains. Join us and savor the Ladin Christmas atmosphere in Pozza di Fassa.


  • December 1 - Lighting of the Christmas lights and of the first candle of the big Advent wreath. Music entertainment by the band "Museganc da Zacan".
  • December 8 - Lighting of the second candle of the big Advent wreath with the local group "Krampus da Poza" and music entertainment.
  • December 15 - Lighting of the third candle of the big Advent wreath. Concert "Cianton da marevea", charity show with songs and words by 15 boys and girls from Val di Fassa.
  • December 22 - Lighting of the fourth candle of the big Advent wreath at the townhall square and opening of the Christmas Village at the public playground. Music entertainment by the bagpipers.

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