#TrentinoSkiSunrise - Pejo3000 Ski Area

A hearty, sweet and savoury breakfast in a mountain hut at the first light of dawn in the Stelvio National Park

Trentino Ski Sunrise - Val di Sole Trentino

Snow and breakfast at first light

A hearty, sweet and savoury breakfast based on fresh local ingredients and then... enjoy the amazing natural surroundings of Val di Pejo, skiing down the Val della Mite slope, a thrilling 8-km descent down to the town of Pejo Fonti!
The first light of day touching the white peaks, the tingling air, immaculate snow and a breathtaking mountain landscape. You can be the first to leave your tracks on the Pejo slopes. We're waiting for you on Friday MARCH 6TH 2020 in Pejo3000 Ski Area at the RIFUGIO SCOIATTOLO mountain hut.



The programme we are offering gives you plenty of choice between relaxation and adrenaline...

PEIO - Rifugio Scoiattolo
FRIDAY MARCH 6th 2020 at 5.10 am

Yes, you read that correctly: we start at first light. That might put some of you off, but read on and we’re sure we'll be able to make you change your mind: how often do you get the chance to see dawn break over the mountains of Val di Pejo? How often do you get the chance to enjoy watching nature awaken in the Stelvio National Park? Naturally, the programme we are offering, outlined below, gives you plenty of choice between relaxation and adrenaline: we’ll leave it up to you to decide which you prefer.
Hurtle down the Val della Mite slope on an adrenaline-packed 8 km descent from Pejo3000 or take it easy and opt for a more tranquil snowshoe walk in close contact with nature in the Stelvio National Park accompanied by a Mountain Guide. Well... what are you waiting for? Set your alarm clock now for Friday March 8th... We'll be waiting for you in the spectacular setting of the splendid unspoilt nature of Val di Pejo. You won't be disappointed, of that we're certain!


5.10 am   Peio Fonti Tarlenta
Gondola Lift
meeting point at the departure station of the Peio Fonti Tarlenta gondola lift

5.20 am   Pejo3000
Cable Lift
take the Peio Fonti Tarlenta gondola lift and the Pejo3000 cable lift up to a height of 3.000 m to fully enjoy a sunrise at its best 

6.30 am   Rifugio Scoiattolo   TYPICAL BUFFET BREAKFAST
yoghurt, milk products, cheese, preserves, jams, cakes, local sweet or savoury dishes

7.15 am   Pejo3000
Ski Area
opening of the Pejo3000 cable lift, experience the thrill of being the very first, together with the ski instructors, to ski down the freshly groomed Val de la Mite slope, lifts open starting from 8.40 am

8.40 am   Rifugio Scoiattolo   SNOWSHOE OUTING
a half-day snowshoe outing in the Stelvio National Park with the Mountain Guides

2.00 pm   Rifugio Doss
dei Gembri
in the afternoon together with Mirco Fiamaz and his accordian

3.00-7.00 pm   Pejo Thermal
Spa Center
just bring your participation voucher for special discounts
• € 10,00 admission to the Spa area
• € 40,00 day card (admission to fitness, swimming pool & spa areas) + normal massage (25 mins)
Prices include:
• spa bath towel for the sauna, bio-sauna and use of waterbeds
• activities in the spa area, regenerative hair mask (at 4.30 pm) and Happyterme time with sparkling wine (at 6 pm)



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