"Tortel di patate" at altitude

The delicacies of western Trentino on the table of the refuge Contrin

Val di Non is the homeland of the "tortel di patate" (potato "tortel" pancake), traditional dish of western Trentino, insomuch that a fraternity has been founded in Sporminore in 1998 - with more than 360 members in three different continents, Europe, America and Africa - willing to promote the traditional delicacy of this area. On Sunday, August 4th at 11.30 a.m. on the terrace of the Refuge Contrin, it will be possible to taste this deliciousness, cooked by some of the confreres according to its original recipes.

How to get to Refuge Contrin: from Alba di Canazei, parking near the Ciampac cabin lift, take path no. 602 (walking time 2.00 hrs). 

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