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The magic of Bontadi coffee

A tour in the ancient coffee roasters in Rovereto city center

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Lose yourself in the streets of the historic city center and breathe the embracing and unique scent of coffee emanated by the oldest Italian coffee roasters.
A journey through time and space awaits you at the Torrefazione Bontadi (Bontadi Coffee Roasters), to discover its centuries-old culture and the different processing stages of this product. Co.Bo, the Coffee Museum of the Bontadi Collection, will tell you the story of this company from 1790 to today. At the entrance, the essential oil of coffee will fill your sense of smell, while your gaze will discover in which parts of the world its plant grows and how you can recognize the color of a freshly harvested bean from a freshly roasted one. During the itinerary, you will meet over 300 tools for coffee production, many of which are splendid examples of Italian design of the early twentieth century by Achille Gaggia, Cimbali and Faema: tools for roasting, coffee machines for cafes, travel machines for ships, trains and motorcycles, moka pots, coffee grinders and a splendid collection of hand-painted coffee cups. At the end of the experience you will taste this precious product prepared by a real coffee master…you will taste how different it will be!

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